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Much like the evolution of jazz, Bebop Java's Certified Organic Coffee is a fusion of elements. The organic certification echoes the era's spirit of spontaneity, both seeking a harmonious world. The med-dark roast and cocoa, molasses, and brown sugar notes create a rhythm reminiscent of smoky jazz clubs. Smallholder farmers are like members of a lively ensemble. The mix of Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor beans blends like instruments in a jazz orchestra. Kintamani's essence transports us to the 1940s. Altitude and volcanic loam soil elevate the coffee's flavor, akin to iconic jazz melodies. Hand-picked, wet-hull processing mirrors the precision of a jazz composition. Both the coffee and music compose a symphony of innovation and art, capturing the essence of the 1940s jazz era in every sip.

At Bebop Java, we don't start roasting until your order comes in, then it's off to you on the same day. Freshly roasted beans, right at your doorstep