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Introducing Max's Tempo Espresso – where the innovation of jazz legend Max Roach meets the artistry of coffee crafting. Roasted from the finest beans of Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, this espresso blend mirrors Roach's revolutionary rhythm. Just as Roach transformed jazz drumming, our blend seamlessly transitions from bold bass notes to a light, expressive melody on your palate. With each sip, experience the surprise of changing flavors, much like Roach's dynamic rhythmic figures. Elevate your coffee ritual – where tempo isn't just kept; it's played with, explored, and celebrated. Max's Tempo Espresso – where jazz beats meet coffee heat. 🥁☕ #MaxsTempoEspresso #BebopJava #JazzInACup

At Bebop Java, we don't start roasting until your order comes in, then it's off to you on the same day. Freshly roasted beans, right at your doorstep